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Gardening Together


- Sandy C.

If you are thinking about down-sizing and moving, then hiring Beth Lechler is a must! Beth uses her superb organizational skills to help you decide what items you want to keep, give to family/friends, donate, junk, or sell. She works closely with you to help you make decisions that will keep you organized once you make your move. Beth packs your items with care, arranges for the distribution of those things for donation, junk, or sale, and gets the movers for you.


Beth works with you before the move to help you decide where you want items placed and she is there when the movers arrive at your new home. I walked into my new apartment after Beth had been there unpacking all day. I found the bed made, everything in the kitchen neatly put away, including food, clothes in the closet, and even the pictures hung.  I had very little to do after moving day and everything was where it needed to be and neat as a pin. Now, I call that service!

- Lore G.

Beth Lechler is an extraordinarily competent, “think-on-your feet” type person to assist with anything remotely associated with packing, transporting and reorganization.  She possesses seemingly unending solutions and skill for even the most difficult situations making her an asset to any job, big or small.  Her upbeat, friendly personality along with her (deserved) confidence in her own abilities does not allow for frustration and stress.

I can recommend her most highly, having experienced her wholehearted, successful assistance during my recent relocation from a full 2½ level home with an extensive, prized collection of internationally collected furniture, large library and professional papers.

- Lynda P.

Beth is the most incredible person to work with in all aspects of moving, relocating, and downsizing.  She made moving us from a large house to our retirement location possible.  Truly we could not have accomplished the move with out her.


That was 5 years ago and she has been helping me ever since. She is smart and an organization phenomena.  She works with her clients and helps you make decisions that seem impossible, I can recommend her with the greatest confidence.

Grandfather and Child Fishing

- David L.

I wholeheartedly recommend Beth Lechler to you for any downsizing/relocation services that you might need.  We recently retired and faced the daunting task of selling our Ohio home - and in the process selling, donating, or disposing of most of our household contents, — and relocating to our smaller retirement home in Montana.  Beth was a lifesaver in helping us organize, make decisions on what to sell/donate/throw away, and implementing those decisions with her contacts.  She connected us and was our liaison with an auction company, recommended and worked closely with our mover, took care of all donations, arranged for a shredding company to come to our home, and provided very helpful recommendations to us all along the way.  She patiently worked with us in going through our lifetime possessions, and was invaluable in simplifying a daunting task and eliminating the anxiety that comes with this life changing event.

- Eric E.

Beth has been a lifesaver! I hired Beth to help me once I realized that, due to health concerns, I would need to downsize from my three level home to a smaller one story home. I was overwhelmed contemplating the process and wondering what to do with all of the things that I had collected over the past twenty years; however, after meeting Beth and going through my home, I realized that my prayers had been answered and that she was the professional who could really help me. She has great organizational skills, outstanding attention to detail, a great work ethic, and patience. She asks great questions and takes the time to understand your needs and concerns. Once I moved to my new home, Beth helped me organize my kitchen, closets, home office, and she even helped me hang artwork. She also helped me organize my real estate office downtown. I highly recommend Beth and wish her all the best in Louisiana. We will miss her here in Ohio; but, our loss is Louisiana’s gain. Again, Beth has been a lifesaver! 

- Pam B.

Being disabled at 65 years old, I questioned how I was going to downsize from my home of almost 19 years and move across the country to my dream home? Then our realtor recommended Beth and her company—an answer to prayers!    Beth helped me go through the house and every closet, drawer and box to ensure that nothing was overlooked.   And she assisted me with care, compassion and most importantly, patience.   

BUT that wasn’t the limit of her services, she had all the answers and companies that could take care of All the issues with downsizing: document shredding, dangerous chemical disposal (paint and lawn chemicals), charities, trash haulers, movers, auctioneers, cleaning company, carpet cleaner.   Just everything that we needed to downsize and move.   I don’t know how we could have done it without Beth!

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